Erkki Kurenniemi in 1960’s. Erkki Kurenniemi Archive. Archive Collections, Finnish National Gallery.

Erkki Kurenniemi – A Man from the Future

Erkki Kurenniemi (born 1941 in Hämeenlinna, Finland) is an instrument builder and a pioneer of Finnish electronic music. He has been at the forefront of technological innovations since the 1960s, anticipating and discussing the great changes that computers have introduced into our lives, society and culture. In 2006, Erkki Kurenniemi’s archives were donated to the Finnish National Gallery (for more information, see

Erkki Kurenniemi – A Man from the Future is a collection of research articles about Kurenniemi published by the Finnish National Gallery. These articles explore Kurenniemi’s life, career and activities from diverse perspectives. The themes of the publication range from media archaeology, musicology and instrument construction to critical discussions of Kurenniemi’s visions and in-depth media analysis.

Featured image: Erkki Kurenniemi in the 1960s. Erkki Kurenniemi Archive. Photo: Archive Collections, Finnish National Gallery

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